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Request to Speak at Authority Meetings

Individuals who wish to appear before the Authority may submit a written request to the Board Coordinator together with a statement of the topic to be addressed fourteen (14) days prior to the meeting. All those individuals who have timely submitted a written request to appear before the Board prior to the meeting shall be allowed to address the Authority for ten (10) minutes.

Prior to any statement or presentation to the Authority, each speaker shall state his/her name and shall provide his/her address. Each speaker shall comply with the following restrictions:
  • No person shall be allowed to make obscene, derogatory, or slanderous remarks that disrupt the orderly conduct of the meeting.
  • No person shall disrupt the meeting or interfere in any way with the orderly conduct of the meeting.
  • Remarks shall end when a speakerís allotted time has expired.
  • Speakers may respond to questions from the Chairman and Authority member, should clarification be necessary. Provided, however, no person shall be permitted to enter into discussion with the Chairman or Authority member or any member of the Hospital staff during the conduct of a meeting.
  • No question or comment shall be directed to the Chairman or individual Authority members but shall be directed to the entire Authority.

For more information about speaking at an Authority meeting, or to request to speak at an upcoming meeting, contact Felicia Lewis at flewis@phoebehealth.com.

You may also send your request to:
Hospital Authority of Albany-Dougherty County
Attn: Felicia Lewis, Board Coordinator
P.O. BOX 3770
Albany, GA 31706

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